How to get back Internet Explorer in Windows 10

One major change in Windows 10 is the new browser – Microsoft Edge. Microsoft have pushed it in front of Windows 10 users and have hid the traditional Internet Explorer.  It doesn’t just look and interact different but we have also come across many problems with it.  Websites not loading correctly on it, downloads getting blocked etc.
Generally we tend to recommend to use Internet Explorer 11 which is still in Windows 10 but sneakily hidden. To get back Internet Explorer just perform the following steps:

In the ‘Search the web and Windows’ box on the taskbar (bottom left hand corner of your screen) type in ‘Internet Explorer’

search box
You will then see the Internet Explorer pop up in the list – simply right click on it and left click on ‘Pin to Taskbar’
It will then be on your taskbar for you to use.
I would also recommend setting Internet Explorer to your default browser, do this by typing in default in the ‘Search the web and Windows’ box.
Then scroll down the optinos until you see ‘Web browser’. Click on this and select Internet Explorer.