3 Points to Help Stop Your Computer Overheating

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of computers and can cause severe damage if not addressed quickly.  

Here are just some symptoms you can expect from overheating computers

  • Possibly destroy or shorten the lifespan of the hardware inside your computer
  • Running slower – a computer can automatically slow its processing speed down to reduce the heat
  • Crashing – It’s never good to let a computer shut down improperly, this can damage the software.  Overheating can cause a computer to shutdown to protect its hardware.
  • Loose data – From the point above, if your computer is to crash or shut down there is a big risk of loosing any unsaved data


Follow our easy 3 point guide on how to help stop your computer from overheating

  • Let your computer breath – Probably one of the most easiest things you can do is to allow your computer to breath.  Keep the air vent’s free of dust and make sure there not blocked by anything nearby.  Having a laptop on a duvet for example can be one of the worst things you do.  You will notice air vents on the side of the laptop – a duvet or pillow can easily block these leaving the hot air stuck inside the laptop.


  • If you have a computer, think about upgrading your CPU cooler.  The standard CPU cooler should be fit for purpose although a larger more efficient cooler will help lower the overall temperature


  • Install an extra fan – case fans are very cheap and will help with getting the hot air out of the computer case.  You can also get laptop tray fans which the laptop sits on and draws the hot air away from the laptop.


As with anything hardware related – do be careful when working on the components.  Only attempt the hardware upgrades if you are competent in working on computers.  We cannot accept any responsibility from further damage caused by following my points above.

Generally computers should cope with the high temperatures but sometimes there can be a component fault causing themselves to overheat.  If in doubt get in touch and we will be happy to advice or take a look.