Mel’s Computer Care News Bulletin – July 2015

Welcome to my JULY and AUGUST NEWSLETTER which I do hope you find of interest.

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I am happy to announce a new member of Mel’s Computer Care – Paul Busby.  Paul has joined me to help provide the best possible service to all of my customers. He has many years of experience in the IT sector and is passionate about technology and helping people with their IT issues.

To my gold support package customers, you may get a call from Paul asking if he can remotely login to check if your computer is working correctly and that your files are getting backed up properly.  To any of you who are not on the gold support package, you can find more details here – Mel’s Computer Care Peace of Mind Support Packages



A total of 1.72 million householders say they no longer use a traditional television set according to figures supplied by BARB the industries rating agency.

The proportion of those using a TV has fallen from 96% in 2013 to 93.7% in 2015 the lowest level since 1972. Since the launch of the iphone in 2007 people have switched to watching TV on mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Currently viewers who watch TV by using the catch up services only, do not have to pay the licence fee (Source: The Times Newspaper June 29 2015)



Britain’s first digital only bank has just been granted a banking licence. Called ATOM Bank it will open for business later this year. Services will only be available through an on-line app which customers can use on their smart phone or tablet.

This development marks a milestone in new technology. The move comes as the traditional high street bank are closing many of their high street branches.

The Durham based bank has initially raised £25 million from investors. (Source: The Times Newspaper June 04 2015)



In the spotlight is a new company called VEYO which is an on-line conveyancing portal which has opened for business in June this year.

It is a joint venture between the Law Society and global technology business MASTEK. The developers of the system costing £10 million believe it will allow house purchasers to complete secure and hitherto impossible on-line access to all the house buyers relevant documents.

At VEYO’s heart is a virtual “deal room” which will enable the process of legal transfer of property to take place on-line.



by Andrew Keen in his new book “The internet is not the answer”.

In my previous newsletter I wrote that Andrew Keen believed the internet was designed to liberate and empower people but the real effect has been to create vast monopolies which turn us into victims.

There is no doubt the internet has changed the way people do things. It is reckoned there are over three billion users but he says the internet has handed extraordinary power and wealth to a tiny handful of people which have often aggravated existing inequalities.

He believes that rather than creating more democracy it is empowering the power of the mob. As an example rather than encouraging tolerance it has unleashed a distasteful witch hunt on women. He says the illusion of social media is that we want to be social, but the reality is we are selling ourselves. Government and big companies know pretty much everything there is to know about us now.

So what is the answer. You will see in my next newsletter what he thinks is the way forward.



A sophisticated scam tricks people into transferring their money into a fraudsters account. The type of scam has according to Financial Fraud Action UK lost people over £24 million in the past year.

A phone call will tell you that your bank account has been the subject of a fraud and encourage you to switch your money into a ‘safe account’. They will alleviate your suspicions by suggesting you hang up and call your bank back right away only fraudsters stay on the line and pick up your recall using a different voice.

The advise if you suspect fraud is to hang up or contact your bank by using a different phone number from the one the fraudster used. They also ask you to report your suspicion to the police or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.



Millions of people have or are still using Microsoft operating systems. Roy Partridge a reader of my newsletter asks us about the new operating system Microsoft Windows 10 which is due out towards the end of July 2015. Microsoft have said they are prepared to offer their new system free to existing users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1.

Windows 7 was probably and still is one of the most popular operating systems ever produced. Windows 8 have had a number of problems so Microsoft released 8.1 which addressed a lot of these problems and works a lot better, in particular to users with a keyboard and mouse (non touchscreen users).

Windows 10 is promising many new features such as:

The return of the familiar Start menu
Cortana – a personal assistant that you speak to
Virtual Desktops
An improved notification system
A new web browser

Its early days to talk about Windows 10 but my advice would be to wait several months until the new system has bedded down and any glitches have been removed before you consider switching to their latest system.  If you do wish to update please make sure you have all your files backed up and are willing to possibly lose all your programs and settings.  Updating an operating system is quite a technical challenge behind the scenes and if anything goes wrong it could result in you having to wipe and reset your computer.  Do contact me if you need any advice or help and of course I am always available to review and if possible upgrade your computer to Windows 10.



The temperature in parts of the UK have hit 36.7 degrees in the last few weeks and Wimbledon Tennis had their hottest day ever seen. Don’t forget your computers and laptops don’t like to get too hot, try if possible to keep the vents clear of any obstructions.  Enjoy the summer. I’ll be back in September with more news and views.