Mel’s Computer Care News Bulletin – July 2016

Welcome to my JULY NEWS BULLETIN which I do hope you find of interest.  I would welcome your comments on any aspect of my news bulletin or any comment you care to make which would interest my valued customers.

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The Latest App will keep an eye on baby 

The TIMES newspaper reports that a SMART crib which interprets what a crying baby needs will tell its parents through a smartphone app is now being developed in the Unites States.
The smart crib would be integrated into an internet connected home/smart home.

Driverless car kills owner by ploughing into a lorry

A report in the same newspaper says that the TESLA car autopilot system is being examined by the US road regulator following the death of a customer. Mr Joshua Brown a 40 year old businessman is believed to be the first person to be killed at the wheel of an auto piloted car when it crashed into a trailer in Williston in Florida.
Apparently the autopilot system in the car did not detect the trailer due to it being a similar colour to the sky.


Robots get in touch with their feelings
COZMO the robot snores with a digital wheeze as he nestles on his recharge pad.  The COZMO emotional engine is designed to kick start
in when it does something that might trigger an emotional response in real life.  According to ANKI the makers it will play with children & form bonds. It can recognise faces allowing it to react differently to each member of the household.
The machine has to be linked to a smart phone to provide the computer with the processing power for its artificial brain.

At last a pan that cleans itself
The Daily Mail recently reported on the development of a pan that cleans itself.  Scientists have developed a special pan that is both self cleaning & anti bacterial.  It stops food or bacteria from sticking to the inside of pans with the help of lasers that cause liquid to bounce off the surface.


The telephone scam
One of the most common telephone scams involves a fraudster calling you posing as a member of your bank.  The number they call from may be spoofed to make it look like it is from your bank or at least a UK location.
They tell you that you are at serious risk of fraudulent activity on your account & that you must immediately move your funds to a new safe account.  The safe account is usually the fraudsters account so your money is paid to their account direct or to a third party involved in the scam.  You should note that banks will never ask you on the phone for details of your specific password, your security details or your pin number.
If in doubt put the phone down, make sure you have a dial tone & ring your bank on a different phone number to that called by the fraudster or ask the phone operator to put you through directly to your bank.

On a lighter note, check out a printer being hacked… by a fly!

That’s all for this months news bulletin..I hope you found it of interest and I will be back with a new one next month
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