Secret Window’s Tips & Tricks…. Searching websites quickly

Searching the internet for one key thing can be a daunting prospect.  The internet has given us all an incomprehensible amount of information but along with this great tool brings a time consuming task to find information quickly.


One small but very effective tool that I use is the find function on my web browser.  I often come across a website with pages and pages of text but I only need one bit of information.  For example I was looking for the specification of a customers 4 year old laptop the other day.  I needed to know how much memory is installed as I was giving advise over the telephone to a new customer.  I found a website with a raft of information on but I was only wanting to find the amount of RAM.  So instead of spending 10 minutes reading through all the text I did the following:

I simply pressed and held down the Ctrl key on my keyboard and then pressed F.  This brings up a small search box, which I entered the word I was looking for: ‘RAM’.  Before I could blink, within the website of thousands of words, my browser highlights all the RAM words instantly.


Give it a try! Hold down the Ctrl key and press F.  Then type in a word.  You will then notice all the results highlight on this page (dependent on the browser you are using).


You can use this time saving tip on many programs such as word documents, pdf’s, spreadsheets etc