Mel’s Computer Care News Bulletin – May 2016

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Fraudsters impersonating police officers :
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Fraudsters impersonating police officers

Chinese entrepreneurs have launched the very first one person drone controlled by a tablet & capable of flying at 60 mph which was shown at the Las Vegas CES gadget show last year.  It can carry 220 lbs of baggage & fly for 23 minutes.  It is expected to sell at around $300,000 dollars

Apple lost almost £140 billion off it’s value for fear that it had run out of the next big ideas to keep it at the front of new technology.  In addition it has so far failed to find a foothold in the massive Chinese market amid competition from Chinese makers of smart phones such as Xiaomi & Huawei

High_tech thieves are now targeting luxury cars such as Range Rovers, BMW & Jaguar which have keyless operating mechanisms & have found new ways to beat these new security systems.  The rise in crime of this nature has prompted car owners to look for more traditional methods such as using Krooklocks & Wheel clamps

The taxi mini cab war is set to escalate following the launch of  “an anyone but UBER booking service” designed to blunt the rise of the American company which has had a dramatic effect on the traditional taxi companies

It looks as if the rise of Ebooks which was predicted to have a serious effect on the sales of traditional books is not going to happen as sales of Ebooks have started to fall for the first time

FACEBOOK has recently paid a ten year old Finnish boy a reward of $10.000 after he hacked into Instagram & exposed a glitch that could have affected every user of the photo sharing site

Have you heard of the BITCOIN ??? If not you will soon do so.  It was first invented in 2008 by an Australian scientist called Craig White & is a crypto currency which is a unique string of numbers which you can download on to a computer & use to buy or sell a growing number of products or services as easily as sending an Email.  Transactions are secure pseudonymous fast free & with no central authority to control value or supply

Every day one hears of scams that leave people out of pocket.  Many victims are falling into a trap through their mobile phones.
This scam begins with a mystery call from an unfamiliar number that starts with 0845 or 0843.
The customer never answers & the call typically lasts just a fraction of a second & it’s recorded on their mobile hand set as a missed call.
Weeks later the victim receives a bill showing that they had called that number back & owe a huge sum of money on their phone account In almost all the cases seen from an investigation by The Daily Mail the return call supposedly made by the customer is shown to have lasted between three & twelve hours. The communications Watchdog says customers from several mobile firms are being hit & have launched an investigation.  If you have experienced a problem like this, I would advise contacting the Action Fraud Helpline on 0300 123 2040

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