Mel’s Computer Care News Bulletin – August 2016

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The Pokémon Phenomenon Go

Are you a fan of this new game?
Well millions of people are.  Its a landmark in digital games combining digital & the physical worlds together in what is called Augmented Reality.  In fact its the latest incarnation of the Pokemon franchise created for Nintendo in 1995 by the developer Niantic.

Players hunt Pokemon creatures by walking around the real world keeping a close eye on the map on their phones screen.

Through the world of GPS & the games programming you can get close to one of the creatures until the fictional creatures pop up on your screen.  The Pokemon will be shown as if they are in a live video in the real world sitting say on a bench or standing on a street corner.  The player can capture the Pokemon creature with a Pokeball by swiping the screen.

In the USA the games app has been downloaded at least half a million times bringing in an estimated 1.6  million dollars a day.

Check out the Pokemon video advert, viewed over 40 million times!

See how it looks in real life here:


SNAPCHAT has recently raised 1.8 million dollars to develop its new apps used by an estimated 110 million people for photos & video messages every day.  The value of the company is estimated to be over 20 billion dollars!


MICROSOFT have announced the biggest acquisition in it’s history by proposing to spend 26 billion dollars to take over LINDEKIN the business social networking site.


Have you used the new CONTACTLESS credit & debit cards which are now believed to account for 8 billion pounds of business with customers spending limits now increased to £30 per transaction.  It is believed that new technology will soon be incorporated into watches, earrings & clothes.


If you travel by train you will soon be able to watch films & television with the launch of a NETFLIX type entertainment package specially designed for train journeys.
This new concept is currently on trial on certain VIRGIN trains.


Amazon will soon be ready to roll out a Drone delivery service to your home letting you know a pre-determined time when you can expect delivery.  It seems like science fiction but the reality is that the means are already in place subject to clearance by the UK Civil aviation authority.


A new development from SAMSUNG will feature an iris scanner on their mobile phones that allows its owner to unlock the device by just looking at your phone so recognizing the owner.


The Times Newspaper recently reported that a car with an Autopilot system took its driver who was suffering from a serious medical condition direct to hospital some twenty miles away in Missouri in America.



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