Mel’s Computer Care News Bulletin – June 2016

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Are you fed up with all the ads you see online? then a trial by the THREE mobile network will interest you. They will be using new technology developed in Israel which will weed out advertising videos & photos that can have a big affect on your mobile data allowance.
Shine, an ad blocking company will provide the technology for the trial which will take place this month.
Many mobile phone users find all the ads very irritating when they inadvertently tap on to them whilst trying to read an article or search for a particular web site.

A new way to deal with nuisance phone calls from your mobile phone has been launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
All you need to do is send one text to them with your email address which is used only for verification purposes to 78070.  You will then receive from TPS a text confirming that your number has been added to their database.  More details be be found here:

SNAPCHAT has raised $1.8 million in a funding round that is likely to make them the fifth so called unicorn company.
It is reckoned that 110 million people use SNAPCHAT every day.  Keep an eye on my Tip’s Section on my website in the near future for a basic guide to all the latest social media apps.

Doctors have recently developed a 3D prostate guide for NHS patients showing how surgery can remove a cancerous growth by using a £2 million robot to cut away a tumor, pioneered at Guys Hospital in London.

McRobots could take the place of human staff flipping burgers & serving fries at thousands of McDonald’s restaurants in the USA the former fast food president ED RENCI said recently. ED RENCU is an outspoken opponent of the rising American minimum wage from $ 7 .25 to $15 an hour.

SUPERFAST 5G networks will open the door to SMART homes, companies, factories & hospitals within the next 20 years.  5G Robots will be the so called “internet of things” which will support driver less cars amongst many more applications.
Lord Adonis the current head of the National infrastructure commission said the new networks will support hundreds of sensors in consumer & industrial products that will constantly transfer information between machines & servers.
He said 5G has the potential to shape our world in ways that are currently unknowable & it will spur innovation that we cannot currently imagine.

ARGOS and the new HUB & SPOKE revolution has changed the face of retailing compared to the 1970s when all you had to handle was a big weighty catalogue to check the model number & price & then enter on a slip & take to the cashier for processing.
Today you can browse the web in the comfort of your own home & study photos, videos & reviews before adding items to your virtual shopping trolley for delivery on the same or next day (see my recent experience of Amazon’s 2 hour delivery here: )
It really is amazing how technology has completely changed the face of retail shops & stores.
It is reckoned by people in the know that automation may put a third of a million
people out of work in the retail sector within the next 8 years so says the British Retail consortium.
Robotics & artificial intelligence are eliminating work that once was the prerogative of human beings.  Witness the change already happening in high street banks which are using machines so that staff are now available to sell services rather than dispensing cash & other related services.

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